Novorussia (Dontetzk) Interview with a militant of BOROTBA

“Please tell all the world that this is a civil war. It is not between nations and not between nationalities. There are Ukrainians fighting on both sides as well as Russians, Armenians and Jews. It’s about fighting against fascism and for the interests of the working class. A defeat for the East would be a catastrophe for the Ukrainian working-class as a whole! The last months have revealed this even more clearly!”


Germany: Workers of AMAZON in strike

No wonder Amazon’s workers are angry. Since Monday, 2500 of them have been on strike in seven of the company’s nine warehouses. The trade union ver.di is demanding a Tarifvertrag (a collective bargaining agreement) and has been organizing strikes since May 2013. This week – the week with the highest revenue right before Christmas – is witnessing the biggest strikes yet.
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Nationwide strike in Belgium against austerity and neoliberalism

A nationwide strike in Belgium has brought air, rail and road transport to a standstill and forced many businesses to close.
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Union-led strikes have cut air and rail service to Belgium, with the anti-austerity action set to affect schools, businesses and government offices across the country. The strike targets the new government’s budget plan.
Belgium cut off from world by national strike
Belgium ground to a halt in its biggest strike in years on Monday as trade unions grounded flights, cut international rail links and shut sea ports to protest the new government’s austerity plans.
In the climax to a month of industrial action against new Prime Minister Charles Michel’s policies, striking workers stopped all public transport while most schools, businesses and government offices shut down.
Pickets also blocked traffic outside the Brussels headquarters of the European Union, a 28-nation bloc that has seen years of protests against austerity aimed at cutting debts that threatened the euro currency.

Germany: Lufthansa pilots on strike again

The collective negotiations between Lufthansa management and the pilot federation “cockpit” are broken down. Why the pilots want to strike? They will not strike for salary increase.
They plan to strike, because the management wants to abolish the “Übergangsversorgung” (that is “transition supply), which makes possible that pilots can terminate their work at age 55.
It is important to know, that in Germany it is not allowed to work as a pilot until 65.

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Disappeared Students in Mexico: Global Struggle for Ayotzinapa Captures World’s Attention

The case is the murder of 43 students by the oligarchy combined with drug mafia in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, State guerrero) september 2014.

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